NAVIGATE - Urban Wayfinding Jacket

Wearable Experiments has collaborated with THE UNLIMITED MAGAZINE to tell the story of how to NAVIGATE in New York City. "May The Jacket Be Your Guide" is the first ever editorial entirely dedicated to wearable technology.

Look for the full story in edition No. 6 available on iPad only.

Thank you to an amazing team who helped produce the new NAVIGATE story.


Below is the explanation about how the Jacket works!


Fashion for the retailer explorer

The NAVIGATE Jacket helps the wearer find her destination using integrated LED lighting and haptic feedback. The companion app stores relevant destinations and uploads the directions to the jacket which gives turn by turn directions. Then the wearer can walk unimpeded with instructions being visualised on the sleeves of their jacket. Stylishly designed with NAVIGATE features tailored into the sleeve, the lights indicate how far to the next turn and the current stage of the journey. Vibrations alert the user when to turn and in which direction.

The technology built into the jacket is subtle and unobtrusive and most importantly for this target market, the design is appealing - it’s a fashion garment not just a functional device, created for the retail explorer.


Inspiration for the NAVIGATE Jacket includes mobile based solutions, such as Foursquare; online and printed city guides, such as Superfuture and Wallpaper; and local city maps. Louis Vitton’s Amble app is another notable example because it demonstrates a luxury brand’s foray into this territory. However, the NAVIGATE jacket takes urban wayfinding to a new level allowing users to explore completely hands free. It is a world first that will redefine the experience of getting from A to B.

Being first to market creates an opportunity for Wearable Experiments to work in partnership with these existing map based content providers, or establish new relationships to develop highly curated and branded guides.



Developed in partnership with Emma Chee, concept creator and engineer.

Creative & Art Direction -

Still Photography - Rupert Kaldor

Backdrop Design - Javier Gomez

Hair - Rob Carlon

Mackup - Cindy Tran

Model - Ashley Scott

Trent Armstrong - Boyac Fabrics


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