Dutch Ladies Rugby 7's Collaborate with Wearable Experiments

With the launch of the Ladies Rugby 7’s as an Olympic sport. The Dutch Ladies 7’s team sponsored by Ernst & Young (EY) has collaborated with Wearable Experiments to bring the team and it's fans the opportunity to connect through wearable technology.

What: NL Fan Jersey - Dutch Rugby 7’s. 

After spending time with the players and fans, Wearable Experiments has developed custom software that communicates the emotions and action of the game in real time to the fans of the Netherlands Rugby 7’s. 

While wearing the shirt, the wearer feels:

  1. Impact
  2. Heart beat
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Adrenaline
  5. Excitement 

This is the latest in sports technology that goes beyond quantification and into entertainment in the fourth dimension. The emotions and action of the game are replicated into the chest of the fan jersey through haptic feedback motors. The remote connection is powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that communicates with the custom software.

Where: The shirts will be showcased in The Hague at The Store of The Future in collaboration with Q and A Research and EY commencing June 23rd. “We believe this is the future of sports entertainment. And so we believe this should be a part of the store of the future.” Frank Quix

This collaboration is important for female sport, with the rise of female empowerment comes the celebration of technology. This technology is about the emotional connection between athletes and fans. “Sports are emotional, we created The Alert Shirt for the ladies Rugby 7’s team to affect your emotions through designing the experience for your senses. Sensory experiences are the future of sports entertainment.” Billie Whitehouse Director & Designer, Wearable Experiments.

This shirt was trialled at the Rugby 7’s Olympic qualifier in Amsterdam by former Athletes, sponsors and fans.

Erben Wennemars trial:

Who: We:eX specializes in merging hardware, software and apparel design for a seamlessly integrated experience. With the newly launched NL Fan Jersey, the company weaves these three elements together with real-time sports data, which is transmitted via a Bluetooth smartphone app to the electronics within the jersey. The NL Fan Jersey then converts the data into powerful sensations that simulate live sports action.


Photographer and videographer: Ross Asdourian

Creative Directions: Ross Asdourian & Billie Whitehouse

Software: Wearable Experiments & Snepo

Hardware: Wearable Experiments

Product: Wearable Experiments, NL Fan Jersey

Sponsors:  Q and A Research, Ernst & Young (EY), The Store of The Future